Teenager to be Accused For Attack on 15 Years Old Syrian Refugee - TNBC UK

16 year old boy is to be accused with assault pursuing an attack on a Syrian fugitive at a school in Huddersfield. It comes after a video posted on the social media went viral pursuing an accident in Almondbury.

Police in West Yorkshire said: “Regarding the assault on a 15-year-old youth in Almondbury, which featured in a video posted on social media yesterday and has been widely reported in the media, a 16-year-old youth has been interviewed and reported for summons, for an offence of assault.He will appear at Youth Court in due course”.

The 15 year old said that he no longer seems safe observing at Almondbury Community School after his ordeal.

He told ITV : “ I woke up at night and just started crying about this problem. They think I’m different – different from them.I don’t feel safe at school. Sometimes I say to my dad, ‘I don’t want to go to school anymore.”

It has been published as emerging footage of what was said to be the 15 year victim’s sister also being abused at the school.

The family lawyer Tasnime Akunjee said the 14 years old girl who wearing a hijab was attacked on morning.

Officers also informed the incident entailing the Syrian boy happened on 25th October and had been a matter to a “ thorough investigation” after it was reported to police the following day.

They said the victim and his family were “receiving ongoing support from police and other agencies ”.

The statement added: “A previously unconnected incident on 7 October, in which the victim suffered a wrist injury, was also fully investigated at the time.”

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