A teenage boy was charged with the murder case of 87-years old man named Arthur Gumbley, who died. After the teenager aggressively broke-out at his place and took his life.

Three weeks later the incident took place, Arthur ‘Bob’ Gumbley died in the hospital as he was attacked during a burglary on 21st November 2017 in Endwood Drive, Sutton Coldfield.

Police report that 19-years old Jason Wilsher, the convict of Barlestone Road has been alleged over Mr. Gumbley’s murder case.

Today, Convict Wilsher is due to appear before Magistrate Court at Newcastle-under-Lyme.

After the death of 87-years old Gumbley, his family in a statement said that “He truly was a person that, not only us as a family, but the people that knew him, looked up to and respected.”

The statement added, “Words can’t express the extent of our loss.”



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