Teenage Swedish Climate Activist’s Yacht Voyage To New York Is Carbon-Free - TNBC UK

On Sunday, the working team behind teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg declined the claims that her yacht voyage to New York will create carbon emission because the team members will make transatlantic flights.

The 16-year-old Swedish activist,  through her school strikes, has inspired children all over the world to raise their voice against global warming. She refuses to fly by plane because of carbon discharges. She and her father Svante will be lifted on the Malizia II racing yacht by August 15 in order to attend the UN talks in September with a clear conscience.

Boris Herrmann, a spokesman for German round-the-world sailor told sources several people would fly into New York to help take the yacht back to Europe. That conclusion was quickly picked up on social media sites among Thunberg’s detractors.

It has been claimed by Team Malizia manager Holly Cova that Greta’s journey will be climate neutral. In a statement, issued by Thunberg’s entourage, she said, “All Team Malizia flights are offset.”

She also added that the trip to New York has been arranged  “at very short notice, and as a result, two people will need to fly over to the US in order to bring the boat back”.

“We only have one boat, so they cannot easily sail over to meet them. Altogether, four crew will be sailing the boat back. These are logistical decisions that Team Malizia alone has taken,” she added.

However, Holly Cova also admitted the fact that  “this is an imperfect solution,” and that “the world has not yet found a way to make it possible to cross an ocean without a carbon footprint.”

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