Swimmer Attacked by a Seal - TNBC UK

A Swimmer got attacked by a seal, while swimming at the Devon coast and was left badly injured. The unnamed swimmer was partially protected by his wetsuit as he immediately ran out of the sea near Kingswear at Mil Bay Cove. He pleaded for help desperately.

Glyn Watkin, station manager of forwarding Point reports that the time he found the man was 5 PM and the swimmer was bitten by a seal, wounded badly.

While he was swimming on his wetsuit, suddenly felt something odd against his leg and instantly hit on the back. Then found a seal looking at him and going closer for an attack. The wetsuit protected him partially but the uncovered leg could not rescue itself. This incident reportedly took place last Friday.

Mr. Watkin says he feels that the seal due to poor visibility in the water was itself scared and attacked the swimmer all of a sudden. Seals are often found by Coastwatch Volunteers and they report the trouble that occurs to then due to marine crafts.

Brixham and Lindy Hingley Sea watch were shocked at such behavior of the seals and this type of incidence is pretty rare. Hearing this incident of the seal attack, they said that due to poor eye-sight the animal was on defense mood rather than being aggressive.


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