Supporter congratulates the pop legend as he leaves High Court - TNBC UK

Sir Cliff Richard got the support of his lifelong fans throughout this battle against BBC. Yesterday he finally won the battle for privacy from High Court and his followers congratulated him with joy and song.

To congratulate the success of this renowned pop legend, his followers sang his 1968 song for him outside the High court.

Sir Cliff accompanied by his legal advisors was really astonished at such behavior of his followers. He even becomes emotional watching them live singing for him, said Cliff, and also hopped for his forgiveness.

The song, which his supporter was singing outside the High Court, was one of Cliff’s 14 UK singles. This song even secured his second position in the UK’s 1968 Eurovision Song Contest.

Sir Cliff Richards’ supporter groups were many and they all are happy with such success of him and wanted to show love for their legend. 57-years old from Hertfordshire also exclaimed his happiness with his possible outcome. She even exclaimed Cliff’s act to be innocent and acceptable as no one ever might have dared to do so, other than the pop legend.  He even thinks that what Cliff did was relay hard but absolutely fantastic and claimed Cliff to be ‘Great’ in Great Britain.

The group was led by Ms. Darling, which currently has near about 1400 members in support of Cliff. This group is active since 2014 in just hours, when the police raid on Cliff’s house for such controversial issues.

From the 1950s to 1990s, Sir Cliff is the only pop singer to have topped the list of UK singles for consecutive five years. His hits include Summer Holiday, Living Doll. Cliff was even knighted by the Queen in the year 1995.

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