Sussex is on high alert as the weather department has predicted high tides and heavy rain may cause the flood. People have been warned by the Coastguard to keep clear of the collapsing rocks at Birling Gap after the chalk gave away during torrential rain.

There are three flood warnings in Kent after an overnight high tide while properties are at risk near Jury’s Gap in Sussex. In St Leonards, several huts were washed down the beach by large storm waves. The Weather Department also said high tides had generated large waves along the South coast and removed the shingle from Denge Beach.

On Monday, the agency predicted the tides would be highest from 1100 BST to 1500 BST but staff would be assessing the damage and replenishing the shingle. The flood risk is set to increase through to Wednesday, particularly near Jury’s Gap.

Faversham and Conyer in Kent are still at risk from high tides over the next four days. Areas around the tidal Medway river and estuary are under-observation, as parts of the Isle of Sheppey near Leysdown.

In a Facebook post, coastguards at Birling Gap put a warning urging people to “please stay away from cliff edges”.

 “There has been a series of cliff falls this afternoon in the Birling Gap area as well as the Seven Sisters. As a result, the steps at Birling Gap have been temporarily closed,” they posted. 

During the summer, the area attracts walkers and tourists and during autumn and winter, stormy weather increases the risk of cliff falls. So the coastguards warned during this time unstable chalk cliffs along Birling Gap and Seven Sisters. 

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