Sources Say Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Friends “Stopped Inviting” Them In Parties - TNBC UK

Reports say that  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s friends have apparently “stopped inviting” the much-in-love couple to dinner parties as they “frown upon their public display of affection.”

On Sunday sources reported that the Duke and Dutchess make it a point to always sit together at events even if the host has seated them separately. The channel also reported that Meghan wants to break the rules and party manners as she considers it too “exclusive” and “traditional”.

The former “Suits” actress is also openly affectionate with Prince Harry during the events and gatherings, claimed the insiders. It causes friends to “roll their eyes” at her “American ways”.

The inner circle of the Duke has “stopped inviting her to dinner” over the “frowned upon” public display of affection at the dinner table. Sitting next to your partner may not seem like a big deal but high society gatherings ask guests to follow the three rules of “placement”.

The first rule is that “placement” must be pronounced the French way that involves emphasizing each of the three syllables and the second rule dictates that the couples should not sit together in case any affectionate behavior puts others off during their meal.

It is the strict rules of “placement,” guests must sit where they have been asked to achieve the perfect, balanced society table. This is not the first time they have broken the party rules. Last year, just after she married Prince Harry, the Duke refused to hold Meghan’s hand at a royal event out of respect for The Queen.

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