Son Cannot Understand Dad’s Murder: David Brickwood - TNBC UK

Son cannot able to overcome the incident of his father murder he said, “The cannot understand the level of violence used against his father.” David Brickwood, 74 when was stabbed and beaten in an attack at his Northampton home. According to the Cops, it was a robbery case, and Cops also mentioned that the robbery went wrong and are to carry out forensic tests on new evidence.

Gary Mr. Brickwood son has said,“ Why did they have to go to the extent that they went and leave him for dead?” He also revealed that “ To think, whoever did it, how can they live with themselves knowing what they did? And, if it was a robbery, why did not tie up my father.” Gary also said that “ there other things they have done in order to take what they took”

During the interrogation heard “ David Brickwood was popularly known for keeping cash at his home in Lindsay Avenue, Abington, which was broken into late on Friday or in the early hours of Saturday 26 September 2015. However, he managed to call emergency services, later he died in hospital having 35 stab and blunt-force trauma injuries.”

The cops remain to formulate that Mr. Brickwood died as a result of a “ robbery gone wrong” and the intention was not to kill the pensioner. Hence Cops of Northamptonshire believes that tests of forensic on items founds in July could provide some information or a breakthrough. In the murder case, Cops have arrested seven people over the murder, but no one has been charged.

Stuart Hitchon the Detective Inspector said on this case “At the moment we are looking at forensic techniques that perhaps were not available to use three years ago. We are had a really good response from the community in terms of providing us with information around who may have been responsible, but we need to build upon that and gather evidence to actually prove these people were responsible.”

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