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A British Airways flight was evacuated after smoke filled the cabin before landing. On Monday, Flight BA422 which departed London Heathrow at 15:10 BST  had an “incident” confirmed the airline. The aircraft landed in Valencia.

The BA has apologized to the 175 passengers on board the aircraft, an Airbus A321. A passenger describes the situation “terrifying” experience as “like a horror film” as the passengers had to slide down an emergency slide to the runway.

As it approached Valencia, the flight had “experienced a technical issue”, said the airline in a statement. Three passengers were taken to hospital and they have been discharged, said BA.  In the flight, there were two pilots and six cabin crew.

Gayle Fitzpatrick, a passenger said, “There were no communications from the crew, some of which started to wear full oxygen masks and protective fire wear.”

“People were crying and hyperventilating. It was genuinely scary,” Mrs. Fitzpatrick added.

Another passenger, Rachel Jupp told reporters smoke filled the cabin “very quickly” about 10 munites before its scheduled landing. He further said that there was no official announcement about what was happening as white smoke appeared to come through the air conditioning system into the cabin. 

Smoke Filled In British Airways Aircraft, Passengers Were Evacuated. |

“Very quickly, you couldn’t see the passengers two seats down from you,” she said. Ms. Jupp said she heard calls to “get down” in order to breathe the cleaner air near the floor of the aircraft.

“We later found out the cockpit was full of smoke and he had a gas mask on,” she added and appreciated the pilot saying he did a “really good job” by making a “pretty smooth landing”.

“In addition to our team on-site, other British Airways team members have arrived in Valencia to help our customers and our local airport partners with anything they need,” the airline said in a statement.

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