The Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland had condemned Brexit “hardliners” who ponder “ no price is too high to pay for their version of Brexit”.

Simon Coveney told a conference in Dublin that it was time for British MPs to ponder alongside “unrealistic” options based on promises that can not be distributed. He told about his fear for the lack of realism, hardliners would “win” to everyone’s cost, most notably Ireland.

UK MPs are assumed to vote on the EU draft Withdrawal Agreement in the next week. British Prime Minister Theresa May confronts the important opposition in her bid to approve the draft deal, along with many within her own Conservative Party. Democratic Unionist party of Northern Ireland has suggested it will vote against the deal unless there are changes, despite its reliance and supply agreement which helps keep the Conservative government in power.

The DUP has professed the Irish border background exposure of the deal underestimates the union between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

But Mr. Coveney contended the draft treaty was the best available to shield peace in Northern Ireland and the UK economy.

He added that while the EU was ready to issue additional explanations on the Brexit deal, the text of the treaty could not be unrolled.

The minister alerted the British government that the time for “ wishful thinking” was over. He made his assertions in Dublin Castle where he and the German foreign minister Heiko Maas addressed Irish ambassadors.

The international conference directed “ Ireland’s role in a changing world”. Mr. Maas told representatives a hard border dividing the island of Ireland was intolerable and said the matter was an elemental concern and a matter of principle for the EU.


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