The Secamb buy second- Hand ambulances as the Soutmbula East Coast Ambulance (Secamb) was criticised by the coroner after it fails to give service to an elderly woman. It is said that earlier an ambulance service criticised by a coroner over the death of an elderly woman has bought 30 second-hand ambulances to cope with winter demand.

According to the report, 91-year-old women Margaret Stemp was left lying on the floor for seven hours last December after phoning for an ambulance following a fall. After that, the criticised was started by the coroner.

On that Secamb mentioned that it had been struggling with winter pressures. It is also said that the second-hand ambulances would not be used for emergencies but would free up it is ambulances to respond to urgent calls and also plans to purchase 101 new ambulances over three years and recruit 300 new staff.

On the other end, West Sussex Coroner Penelope wrote to Secamb following the inquest into Mrs. Stemp’s death, and criticising the “ missed opportunities for medical intervention”. On the same note, she claims that there was a “ risk that future deaths will occur unless is taken”

After the incident, the interrogation heard Mrs. Stemp and her 97-year-old sister fell at about 16:00 GMT on 27 December, but after calling the ambulance service waited seven hours before Sussex Police were asked to intervene.

On the other end, Police advised that the ambulance service they should still visit, but the interrogation heard the sister had no contact with Secamb until 02.00 the following morning when they received a welfare phone call.

Afterward, a carer found both had fallen again, and Margaret had died. Hence, her sister was taken to the hospital. In that response, Secamb Chief executive Darren Mochrie said he was “ very sorry” that the trust had not provided “ the response we aspire to”. He further added that “ As an immediate measure, we have purchased 30 second-hand ambulances so far this year to help us deal with the anticipated winter pressures.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Mochrie mentioned that Secamb staff who take calls from the public had received more training and the procedure for standing down an ambulance had been changed. Another spokesperson from the Secamb said that the second-hand ambulances would be equipped for handling non-life-threatening calls. It also said that “ these are currently being converted with the aim of them being operational before Christmas.

“ We have cooperated with the coroner throughout this sad case and our thoughts are with Ms. Stemp’s family. We had already carried out thoughts are with Ms. Stemp’s family. We had already carried out through internal investigations and implemented a number of recommendations arising from it.” It has said that Service was placed into special measures in 2016 and retained that status when inspectors rule it had failed to improve sufficiently a year later.

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