Sand Sculpture Of Theresa May In Brexit Beheading Strikes The Beach - TNBC UK

On a beach in South-West England, a Dutch artist is expecting to change minds along with a sand sculpture presenting Prime Minister Theresa May trimming her own head with a guillotine named Brexit. The sculpture, which presents US President Donald Trump and President of Russia beaming as they glance on, is on the presentation at a festival in Weston-super-Mare. Some locals allegedly expressed outrage at the macabre theme, but the local authority safeguarded it as “ thought-provoking art”.

Artist Johannes Hogerbrink, who is against Brexit, said it presented UK Prime Minister “as she attempts to cut off England from Europe but in the process cuts off her own head ”. It is sanctioned ”what if they want to divide us?”, following the festival theme this year of “What if ”?

Hogebrink said he expected visitors would enjoy it and “maybe some people will also think about their position on leaving the European Union ”. He also said, “ I hope Theresa May will come and watch and pull the plug on the whole thing. That would be great”.

A representative for North Somerset Council said, “The town is gaining a growing reputation for showcasing art in many formats and we welcome this ”.

The festival, promoting 20 sculptors from nine different countries, is on until September.

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