Ryanair is imposing high rules about what passengers to take luggage during on-board, in order to “speed-up boarding.”

From November, passengers would be permitted to in the cabin to take “small personal bags”, as much as it fits under the front seat. However, if they want to take a 10kh bag in the cabin, they have to pay £6 extra, along with the suitcase during on-board. And if they want to take more loads then have to pay an additional amount of £10.

The new luggage rule did not intend to make money but to “improve punctuality and reduce boarding gate delays.” Under the newly declared policy, 95% passengers per flight, which is half of the total passengers, will have to pay and before take permission to take extra luggage on-board. Larger luggage will cost more £25 per bag and others for 10kg will have to pay £8- £10.

It is for the second time, in the same years that Ryanair has altered its cabin luggage policy. Competitor’s airlines such as Wizz, Easyjet, and Norweign only permits 1 free hand luggage in the cabin.

Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs said that the new rule “will speed up boarding and cut flight delays” by encouraging people to either travel very light with just one small bag, or to check-in a medium-sized bag.”

He continued that presently the airline’s company permits the passenger with a small personal bag and passengers paying for priority boarding are allowed to carry 10Kg luggage in the cabin. Those without priority are presently allowed to take medium-sized luggage in the cabin, at the point bags are allowed to hold charge free. It means that passengers are allowed to take two bags without extra amount paid. However, Ryanair said that the old rule is creating delays in take-off.

Therefore, from the month of November, if passengers carry more than 20liter but haven’t paid as priority boarding status, it will be considered as held at the additional charge of £25, said Ryanair.

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