Royal Navy Chiefs Approved as Part of Armed Forces Update

The British armed forces have 4 new senior chiefs, including new faces of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. Vice Admiral Tony Radakin has been as the chief of naval staff and first sea lord, replacing Admiral Sir Philip Jones and Air Marshal Michael Wington will be the new chief of the air staff, removing Air Chief Marshal Sir Steven Hillier.

The four characters are the most senior in the military below the head of the defence staff, General Sir Nick Carter. The appointments were sanctioned by the Queen and declared by Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

Confirming the news, Mr Williamson said: “ Forward-looking and keen to modernise the Armed Forces, these are the transformational leaders we need in these challenging times. The appointment of a new generation of commanders will ensure that Britain remains ready to face the threats of tomorrow and continues to be a major player on the world stage”.

General Mark Carleton-Smith lasts the leader of the army, having the current take over. The four new engagements will receive their posts next year, at a time while the Raf is still combating with the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

The number of British forces posted in Afghanistan has also currently escalated and Russia lasts a rising threat in Eastern Europe.

by Haimantee Ghosh on December 3, 2018

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