A series of coins celebrating 50 years of the seven-sided 50 pence piece has been uncovered by the Royal Mint. The remembrance of the coins mark events including Sir Roger Bannister administrating the first sub-four-minute mile and the 250th anniversary of the establishing of Kew Gardens in London. The establishing of the scouts and Girl Guides is also commemorated in the set. The Royal Mint said the series of five coins, “ features some of the nation’s most loved 50 pence pieces”.

In 1969,  for replacing the 10 shilling note, the 50p coin was one of three decimal coins to be put into spreading before decimalization in 1971. Sportsman and Neurologist Bannister rushed the first sub-four-minute mile at the Iffley Road sports ground on 6 May in 1954. The 50p  marks the 50th anniversary of that feat, while he registered a time of three minutes and 59.4 seconds in front of 1,500 monitors.

He only created a record for 46 days, while his time was abused by Australian rival John Landy. The coin commemorating the 250th anniversary of the sponsoring of Kew portrays the garden’s ‘Great Pagoda’ which was finished in 1762 as the gift to Princess Augusta. With only 210,000 coins generated, it is the scariest 50p coin in circulation.

Other coins set include:

A 50p marking the 100 anniversary of the Scouts, which is noticed with the famous motto “be prepared”. The movement was established in 1907 by Robert Baden-Powell, the British cavalry.

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