Some 25.7% of trains were running with the downward trend and were either cancelled or late in October. It shows the worst performance of the rail operators since October 2017. Northern rail services claims with the apology that wet leaves had wrecked the train wheels, causing several carriages to be waived of service, while ongoing strike action also affected the services.

The other major rail company of Northern England, TransPennine Express, had also timing issues with 30.6% of services cancelled or delayed. From the past two years, only July hold worse figures while 32.3% of its trains were cancelled or delayed.

The Northern services distressed with a summer of “chaos” pursuing the initiation of new timetables and RMT staffs have been presenting industrial action in a long-periodic controversy over the matter of train guards. The secretary of Labour Shadow transport, Andrew McDonald described the recent delays as “breathtaking” and repeating calls for Northern to be trimmed of its franchise.

He said, “This is just more misery for northern passengers on the back of a miserable summer”. The figures for the latest train performances, collected by data-erasing website shows 85.5% services nationally were continuing on time so far in November along with the comparison to 67.8% for Northern and 66.6% for Transpennine.

The general secretary of the RMT union stated the situation as a “national crisis” after Monday also saw widening interruption to services run by South Western Railway. He said, “The case for public ownership is now overwhelming”.

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