A staff of Morriston Hospital in Swansea city in the South Coast of Wales claims that the craze of youtube stunts raise a tendency of becoming social media star among the teenagers and this inclination generates a dangerous trap for the teenagers pushing them into the serious burns.

Most of the victims affected by the dangerous accidents are taking medical aid regularly from the hospital and the severely injured patients have taken admission for skin grafting or complex surgery.

One specialist nurse frightened about the severe conditions of this kind of patient as they “could be killed or scarred for life”.

The renowned surgeon named Jeremy Yarrow who deals the severe cases of plastic surgery said, “I can understand there is pressure on young people to gain acceptance or boost their online profiles by doing such risky things as these challenges. But from the patients I see, the results can be very different, with some requiring life support treatment and many left with lifelong scars.”

He also added, “In some severe and sometimes life-threatening cases, they are admitted to hospital for long periods of time for complex surgery resulting in long-term mental and physical issues.”

In Welsh, Morriston Hospital has an additional centre for the plastic surgery treatment of the burning patients in the West and mid-Wales right across South-East Wales. The hospital carefully handles the details of the patient as outsiders cannot collect more details but say they involve, “a variety of everyday substances”.

Staff nurse of  Morriston Hospital said,  “They copy them from social media and YouTube and call them YouTube Challenges. They film each other doing the challenges and then upload them in the hope they will become social media stars. We have definitely seen an increase in the number of teenagers who have suffered quite serious burns because of this.”

Ms Biney added, “Good first aid is essential. If you do it right, it can have a massive effect on the burn. But of course, the best thing to do is not to take part in these stunts in the first place. They may look exciting and spectacular on social media but the reality is very different.”


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