Request for Delaying to Start School for Summer Born Children in Wales - TNBC UK

Campaigners suggest they should be approved to begin reception classes later aged four for giving space and time for being developed sufficiently and adjustment with their peers. They want ministers should interfere with the issue so that councils can consider the requests of extra guidance to defer the entry.  

One frustrated mother from Newport was thinking to move to Bristol. The Welsh Government assured that the school admission code analysis will start this month. Generally, children start school before their fifth birthday in September.

In England, the movements forces council to verify that children can take admission to a reception at five years old age according to their parents. Some people want Wales should follow their lead claiming local authorities can recently simply deny their requests without any explanation.

Jenny Fryer from Llanwern in Newport claimed her son Monty who born in August was struggling in the nursery at 3 years old age, so she wanted to delay his beginning of school but Newport Council cancelled her request. He is recently in a pre-school in Bristol.

The Newport mother said, “Monty was due to start reception class in September but we decided to do what was best for our son and kept him back. We hope he’ll be able to start next September when he’s ready”.

She added, “We have contacted authorities over the border, Bristol and South Gloucester’s LEAs (local education authorities) both say they support summer-borns starting reception and couldn’t have been more helpful and supportive – totally different from the stressful battle we are currently facing with Newport”.

She told about their considering if the Newport Council did not give importance to their request.

The Newport Council claimed that it only follows the regulated guidelines by the Welsh Government.

The Council in England is also thinking to consider the requests of the parents for children to begin their school after a certain age. The review code suggests the admission authorities should take decisions based on the present circumstances and justifying the specific interests of the child.

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