According to the report of new weather office, the weather of UK is has become more extreme than the previous decades. The summer days have become hotter spelt with warm weather, while the winter days are not so cold. In the tropical nights, the temperature reaches above 20C and sometimes it is increasing more. The weather office stated that due to the uncontrolled human activities the global weather is changing diversely and these changes indirectly influence the weather of particular countries.

The new analysis of the weather report has been announced based on the comparison of weather record of the UK from the period between 1961-1900 and the years from 2008-2017.

This observation finds that the average temperature of the hottest days is 0.8C warmer than the hottest days of the last decades. In the coldest days and nights, the temperature is becoming slightly warmer than average 1.7C in recent years.

Reviewing the graph how mild temperature has increased between the period of 2008-2017, the report says that in the specific area of UK coast the temperature remains below zero one day per year.

Dr Mark McCarthy from National Climate Information Center said, “It is a particular concern, for the health impacts of heatwaves are these tropical nights where the human body does not get respite from the heat .”

“That is particularly so in large cities where it is further exacerbated by the urban heat island effect where the city will retain more of the heat of the day.”

“Of those places where we do see tropical nights most frequently, London is one of those areas where it does occur. It could become a very important index in future”.

Dr McCarthy said, “ The temperature indicators are all consistent with the warming of the UK climate that we have observed over the last 50 years or so”.

“Certainly for the temperature-based indices such as the warm spell duration and the cold and high-temperature indices, they are consistent with that well-known warming, and for the UK it is about the same rate of warming as has been seen globally .”



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