Reality Check :Involvement of Teenegers in Knife Crimes - TNBC UK

The London Mayor stated the true circumstances about the increasing knife crime to BBC in a radio interview highlighting the growing knife crime among the young people. In March of 2007, the terrible wave of fatal stabbings by the young men and teenage boys in Manchester and  London compelled the government to declare that the knife crime should be recorded officially as this kind of violent crime had never been done before.

More boys and girls are controlled by specific antisocial gangs and exploited by the drug dealers, consequently, they also carry weapons and the evidence shows the ratio of the young people in the involvement in knife crime.

Most of the 10 to 17 years old young people roughly represent the actual image of knife crime being convicted of knife offences and by threatening someone with a knife. After the survey on the knife crime in England and Wales, the officials of National Statics shows the entire estimation of the crime trends of 34,000 people between 16 to 64. The advantage of this crime survey is it recorded that crime which is not reported to the police. In the starting of this week, Home Office minister Victoria Atkins said, “isn’t just about police numbers”, resisting the violent crime.

She said, “Drug is a major player in this rise, we know that serious organised crime is a major factor as well, which is why we are not just focusing on serious violence strategy, but also serious organised crime strategy to hit both ends of the violent-crime cycle.”

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