A DJ whose shed-based radio station was only ever heard by his wife is composing to lengthen his audience after 44 years. Deke Duncan of 73 years old began playing records from his support in Stevenage, of Hertfordshire in 1974. He was the issue of a BBC Nationwide television report, recently posted on Twitter by BBC Archive, triggering BBC Three Counties Radio to trail him.

He has then presented a one-hour special, which goes out on the Eve of New Year. Listeners to the pre-documented show, which will be telecasted at 18.00 GMT on Three Counties Radio, can assume some “old school radio”, according to Mr Duncan.

He said, “Radio like it was 30 or 40 years ago with a happy disc jockey, bouncing along from one record to another and just being really cool. It’s going to be rock and roll ”.

Mr Duncan said his interest in radio was dazzled by poaching station Radio Caroline, which telecast from a ship off the coast of Essex in the 1960s.

He constructed Radio 77 entitled after a job lot of second-hand jingles bought from a US station of the same name.

But with no licence, the station could only become through a speaker in his living room to wife Teresa. He accorded non-stop weekend slots on the station with friends Richard St John and Clive  Christie and made frequent recommendations on air to the fact he was telecasting from and to 57 Gonville Crescent. He was traced to Stockport, Greater Manchester, where he still telecasted Radio 77 to just his wife and was asked to co-present a show on BBC Three Counties Radio.

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