BTO( British Trust for Ornithology) is saying people for listening for the peculiar screeching from their garden, woodland or a local park for the next six month once every week.

Claire Boothby from BTO, said, “You can even do it from the comfort of your bed.”

The excessive urbanization and light pollution are supposed to be influencing populations.

For indicating the increasing concern for the species, the preservation status of the Tawny Owl is currently changed from green colour to amber.

Tawny Owl Calling Survey will run from 30th September to 31st March and according to the researchers, it will help them to detect where the bird may be diminishing.

They are asking that it is not necessary that the members among the public have to listen hooting in every single week, urging that all info will be useful – even in those locations where an owl call is not heard as this senses where the species is missing.

Ms Boothby said, “Anyone can take part, and the more people that do, the better picture scientists at BTO will have of our Tawny owl.”

Generally, the Tawny Owl is found in the mixed woodland, besides in the large urban parks, as well as suburban gardens.

The nocturnal species specifically remains in the same region and retains in a monogamous relationship.

“Keswick” sound is a male response to a “twit-twoo” motif which is a combination of the female call – a long quivering hoot.

Currently, there are supposed to be about 50,000 breeding pairs in the UK.

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