Prominent Businessman Kelvin Lunney Beaten And Abducted In Ireland - TNBC UK

A 50-year-old well-known businessman has been kidnapped in County Fermanagh before being beaten and left at the side of the road in the Republic of Ireland. Kevin Lunney the director of Quinn Industrial Holdings was driving from work to his home in Kinawley when he was attacked at 18:40 BST on Tuesday.

He was found 35 km away beside a road in County Cavan at about 21:00 and taken to hospital. The attack is being investigated by the detectives on both sides of the Irish borders. A statement from Quinn Industrial Holdings said that Mr Lunney was badly beaten and his one leg was broken while “other very severe but non-life-threatening injuries”.

His car was found on fire near the Lunney family’s home. Sean Quinn was once Kevin’s close associate and they worked together to regain control of the business empire that collapsed in 2012 after Mr Quinn made a disastrous investment in Anglo Irish Bank.

In 2014, there have been recorded a number of attacks on the property to the new owners including a fuel tanker that was driven into the headquarters building and set on fire. Mr Lunney and other former colleagues came back into manufacturing business after local businessmen protested and Mr Quinn was a consultant.

Mr Quinn left amid accusations that he had been stabbed in the back following which a new series of attacks, threats, and intimidations triggered there. However, they continued the company and were warned if they don’t stop, someone will be seriously injured or even killed.

Adrian Barden, the chairman of Quinn Industrial Holdings, said: “Kevin Lunney’s abduction and assault is an outrageous attack on a hard-working father of six children but also on his 830 colleagues at Quinn Industrial Holdings and the wider community in the Cavan-Fermanagh region.”

“For several hours last evening Kevin’s wife, family and very many friends were left to contemplate the worst,” he added.

He also urged the police to “act quickly and decisively to prevent an inevitable loss of life” by “bringing those responsible to justice”. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) describing it as a “horrific attack” said it wanted information about the attack.

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