Priti Patel Asks For An Enquiry On Bretain Stronger Campaign Spending - TNBC UK

The former cabinet minister Priti Patel has appealed to the Electoral Commission to investigate about the expenditure of the Britain Stronger Campaign. The Tory MP also expressed her doubts about the impartiality of the Electoral Commission and said it should either investigate Britain Stronger in Europe or end its inquiry into vote leave campaign. She objected to a video featuring the actor Keira Knightley urging people to vote. The video was published on the Britain Stronger in Europe website and Facebook page in the final days before the vote in 2016. However, the Election Commission was of the view that Patel’s complaint revealed that she did not possess a complete knowledge of the electoral law and dismissed. Patel’s previous complaint.

This month the Electoral Commission fined the campaign body Leave.EU £70,000 and sent its chief executive Liz Britney to the police custody after she violated multiple counts of electoral law during the referendum. The commission also found that Leave. EU fraudulently withdrew three loans from companies controlled by its co-founder Arron Banks. In a letter to the Electoral Commission, Patel wrote that she was sure that money laundering was done during Britain Stronger in Europe without declaring the expenditure of the campaign In her letter to the regulatory authority, Louise Edwards, Patel said that she believes that she had a deep veneration for the Electoral Commission and it had a vital role to play to restore democracy in the country but it should know how to behave in a responsible way and it should be apolitical at all times. She urged the commission to restore confidence in the mind of people about it by starting a formal investigation into Britain Stronger in Europe, ”

On the other hand a spokesperson for Britain Stronger in Europe: claimed that the dismissal of her previous complaint in December 2017, clearly indicated Priti Patel’s complete lack of understanding of the electoral law. The Electoral commission souses said that they did not receive any formal allegation and if they found any serious allegation against the campaign authorities they would surely take penal action n against them.

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