Prince William With Wife Kate Middleton Board Budget Airlines, Taken Front Seats - TNBC UK

Being Royal doesn’t always mean to be flying high at all times, asked Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Britain’s Prince William with his wife Kate Middleton and children were spotted flying in a commercial budget airlines to England from Norwick, reported

Passengers on the Norwich-Aberdeen FlyBe flight were surprised over why the Duke of Cambridge along with the Duchess had chosen to fly pleb – maybe it’s a new idea or a kind of adventure. 

Their little ones – Charlotte, George, Louis were dressed in casuals, even as their nanny keep watched over them and dad kept a watchful eye. Kate Middleton followed them from behind. 

Onlookers related the royal family took seats right at the front of the flight. 

Prince William and wife Kate did not make much of a fuss boarding a commercial flight, said the airport authorities. They were not really harassed by frenzied fans from all sides. 

Kensington Palace has simply clarified their trip to Scotland as “private time”.

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