Police Find the Property in Sutton Coldfield For Revealing the Murder Case of Suzy Lamplugh - TNBC UK

For solving the entire case of a ruthless murder of Suzy Lamplugh while the police are trying to investigate the actual matter, they are searching a property in the area of West Midlands. The agent of the real estate had surprisingly vanished in July of 1986 while he went to meet with a client named Fulham in the South-West London.

Though the body of Miss Lamplugh has not been found, it was assumed that she has been murdered in her 25 and also declared dead in 1994. In Sutton Coldfield, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed the suspected premises near Birmingham after searching.

In 2002, although Police disclosed the name of the prime suspect of this murder, John Cannan, no one has been ever charged in the involvement of the killing. After publishing the report, the officers of The Sun dig in the back side garden of a property which had been used by the mother of Canaan.

According to the officials of Scotland Yard, they have been supported by the officials of West Midland Police. A representative of the investigation team added, “ the search follows information received in relation to a historical unsolved investigation being led by the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command ”.

The father of Miss Lamplugh said in 2016 that he had still a hope which assured him that one day the actual happenings would be disclosed.

Paul Lamplugh said, “his daughter knew how to live life fully but no-one taught her how to be safe”.

Police never got any trace of Mr Kripper with whom Miss Lamplugh went to meet before her disappearing on 28th July in 1986. In 2002 although police took an unfamiliar step by naming the accused murderer Cannan as the prime suspect of the killing, but also confessed they did not able to collect sufficient evidence against the accused convict for prosecution proceedings.

The accused convict, Cannan, who is now serving imprisonment of 35 years for the killing of newlywed Shirley Banks, has refused to take the responsibility of this murder and the related allegation.

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