Police Claims There is no Possibility of Drone in Gatwick Airport - TNBC UK

An investigating officer is probing on the issues of drone turmoil at Gatwick Airport says there is no record of the device which dazzled it and it is “a possibility” there never was one. Asked about conjecture there was never such a drone hover over the airport, Detective Chief Superintendent  Jason Tingley told the BBC: “ Of course, that’s a possibility. We are working with human beings saying they have seen something.”

“Until we’ve got more clarity around what they’ve said, the detail – the time, place, direction of travel, all those types of things – and that’s a big task. ”

The happening, which was inflamed by a drone noticing on Wednesday at around 9 pm, left planes halted from coming to or from the airport.

However, Mr Tingley also said one of the “working theories” was that a mangled drone discovered close to the airport in Horley was accountable for generating the interruption.

He added, “Always look at it with an open mind, but actually it’s very basic common sense that a damaged drone, which may have not been there at a particular point in time has now been seen by an occupier, a member of the public, and then they’ve told us, ‘we’ve found this’. ”

“Then we go and forensically recover it and do everything we can at that location to try and get a bit more information.”

Mr Tingley said police are racing a three-pronged inspection into the alleged crime. This is encompassing working through information linking to “persons of interest”, as well as probing more than 67 drones comes into view and forensic team scanning the damaged drone.

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