Pirating University Student Confront FBI Style Crackdown - TNBC UK

Across the UK in a few numbers of university campuses, a new weapon in the battle against cheating is being quietly checked.  Many students have knowledge about cutting and coating content can get them into trouble for piracy. Universities are already probing work that looks like doubtful, to see if it has been duplicated from elsewhere on the web. The developing concern that purchasing essays for cash are being stabled on the social media platforms.

The Trending inspections into the promotion of foiling by the stars of Youtube have led to the thousands of videos being taken down and a compressing of safeguards by the video platform. Now software is being progressed using what is called “forensic linguistics”.

This reviews of the composition of a document along with punctuation, vocabulary and format. It is a technique that has been utilized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States of piece together profiles of criminal suspects.

Dr Irene Glendinning from Coventry University says, “It’s like an arms race”.

“ We knew students were plagiarising so we now have sophisticated tools to detect it, so the next thing was ghostwriting and the tools don’t detect that”.

Coventry is one of the universities of the UK unofficially checking the perspective of software using forensic linguistics and the machine learning.

The demo of a student’s work can be differentiated to anything submitted which tolls alarm bells along with tutor.


“ What it will allow us to do is shortcut the detection process to flag up the type of work that is suspicious, so then an expert academic can look at that work”.

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