A senior officer has revealed that the missing person cases volume increase and the Metropolitan police is having to find its “absolutely unsustainable.” Around 72% reported that London has seen cases in the past decade, with about 55,000 cases each year.

Each financial year, the cost to the Met inspecting the cases is estimating to be between £ 70m  and £130m or some analysis it is even higher. Majority of cases are resolved without police involvement, around 80% of missing people return or are located within 24 hours, although each still creates a cost for the Met.

Dr. Karen Shalev Greene The group directors describes that “ the high-risk case will incur far higher costs because it includes much more activity police, such as search and rescue teams and helicopters”

According to the center based at the University of Portsmouth, estimates the cost of a medium-risk case is between £ 1,325 and £ 2,415 but it would be higher for other cases.

It is mentioned in a report that some children gone missing dozens of times every month, often because they ignore curfews at their placement so they stay overnight in unverified places such as with friends or family.

Hence, report those children missing if curfews are broken care providers are compelled by their contacts with social services.

Ms. Dehaan believes that there are “ many missing persons who are reported to the police who should not be”

The Met explains to develop a new multi-agency approach to analyzing the risk of missing person cases. It further includes meeting with representatives from a range of organizations to discuss the behavior of a child who goes missing repeatedly.

Ms. De Haan revealed, “ We are identifying at an earlier stage what the risk is (to the missing person) so that we can direct our resources to the right cases at the right time.”

The point of view forces believes this type of micro-management of missing cases is beginning to provide results with the total number falling from 57,000 to 54,000 in the past two financial years.

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