Over Brexit deal, British government loses Votes of Key Parliament

On Tuesday, the government of British has suffered a major blow as it lost a Parliamentary vote on legal advice, which it has received on the Brexit deal agreed last month with the EU leaders.

A progress by the main opposition Labour Party to find the government in contempt of Parliament for failure to publish the advice was passed by 311 MPs in favour of 293 against.

The British government has reacted to the defeat by saying that it would published the “final and full” advice today.

Meanwhile, opponents believed that the advice will release the misgivings of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox regarding the Brexit agreement.

The Parliamentary vote has detained a speech given by Prime Minister Theresa May at the commencement of 5-days debate on the deal itself on December 11 before the final vote, in which the British government is expected to lose.

PM May was still due to address the Parliament on Tuesday.

Labour’s Brexit spokesperson Keir Starmer said that “This House has now spoken and it’s of huge constitutional and political significance. It is, I think unprecedented for this House to find government ministers in contempt.”

by Chandrani Sarkar on December 5, 2018

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