A family in Manchester was cheated upon the news of their mother’s death. Workers at the home care did not call the family members on-time to inform them when her condition was deteriorating.

This report was lodge in Stalybridge against Oakwood Care Centre as they took no initiative to inform her relatives about her death, reports the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

The report further critics Tameside Council for the wrong way it managed safeguarding and family complains. The council reports about the improvements it had made.

The investigator of Ombudsman found “several areas of significant fault” concerning the woman’s death in 2016, which is referred to as Mrs. C.

The report claims the casual behavior of the home care providers towards the patient and informing her family about had a poor condition and followed by death. This incident was reported as a significant avoidable distress.

It focused failure in taking proper care of her before and during her death, likely she died seating in a wheelchair and was not in a comfortable condition.


The home never did follow proper medical guidelines, until she was about to die. They did not even take her to a doctor for the medical examination, says the report.

Ombudsman recommendations were made to the council and the home care, which shown Mrs. C’s presence in the home.

It reports that responses of the authority against the complaint, lodged by the family was not sufficient and asked to pay off £1,500 to the family.

Tameside Council representative said that it has enhances the recommendations of the report, which requires revision to the safeguarding adult policy and restructuring of a training session for workers. Meanwhile, the home is now in operation with a new eligible manager.

Oakwood Care Center had undertaken several improvements, reports Ombudsman Michael King. The enhancement made in the home center includes, “unexpected death policy and procedure” initiated for new care programs and workers.


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