If the motorists of UK decide to drive abroad after 29 March, they should to take the step as soon as possible or endangered through the breaking of a law. That is because of no-deal Brexit would leave the drivers requiring to have proof of insurance known as a Green Card. EU restrictions will strike the individuals, as well as the corporals and also the trading. The regulations will also be applied to the individuals who are linked with the driving profession across Northern Ireland.

The British Association of Insurers alerted about the rules which impose the new attributes on the travellers that if anyone wants to travel he/she has to order a specific card before a month of the planning of the travel.  Even the European insurance authorities admitted to leaving the requirement for the Green Cards in the event of a no-deal, Brexit in May 2018, it has not been ensured by the Commission of Europe. It means Green Cards would be needed under the EU restrictions as the proof of insurance if the UK leaves the EU without a cancellation deal. The documents are provided by insurers and anyone who drives without one may be breaking the law. Meanwhile, the government is still pressuring the European Commission to provide the Green Card Waiver with a green light.

A representative from the Transport Department told, “The UK meets all requirements to remain a part of the Green Card-free circulation zone when we leave the EU, and we urge the Commission to issue a decision which would ensure UK motorists can drive in the EU without a Green Card ”. The general director of ABI Huw Evans told, “As it looks increasingly possible that a no-deal Brexit may happen, we want all insurance customers to know the facts about what this means for them.”

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