Anti-EU populist  Nigel Farage acknowledged that his Brexit Party has lack of policies beyond withdrawing Britain out of Europe and would now advise supporters for a way to snatch the UK parliament. Brand new election vehicle of Farage took in custody on voter discontent along with repeated delays of Brexit for winning almost 32 percent of the polling in the European Parliament poll.

The governing Conservatives completed fifth with nine percent of their worst performance since 1832, and the main opposition Labour Party was also penalized for not spelling clearly out its Brexit stance.

In February, Farage only registered his party but succeeded in borrowing capital reputation as one of the architects of the 2016 referendum which prompted from splitting the EU.

He assigned his success for outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s failure to turn Brexit into a reality for its original deadline of 29th March.

He said, “when people woke up on March 31 and realized that we haven’t left the European Union, that’s when in large numbers they became ready to vote for another party.

EU leaders have agreed to detain the departure date until 31st October for avoiding a no-deal separation which threatens to sink economic havoc on both sides of the channel.

Farage said, “ if we don’t leave on October 31, then the Brexit Party will go on to a general election and stun everybody there too.”

But he admitted that he does “not yet” have a policy behind Brexit. He told a group of reporters, “ we’ve got an awful lot to do a lot to do in terms of policy”.

He said, “ we’ve got 110,000 registered supporters who’ve paid their £25 ($32, 28 euros) and what we are going to do is consult directly with them”.

He also added, “we are going to form policy in direct communication with them. ”

The two main parties are willing to avoid a snap general election after the thrashing they received in the European vote.

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