Murder charged over a London rapper was stabbed till death


In London, a man was charged off with killing a rapper during the drill music scene.

Siddique Kamara, who is also popular as SK and Incognito, got stabbed in Warham Street on August 1 at 19:20 BST, died.

He was only 23-years old, previously had the allegation for murder Abdirahman Mohamed in January, was identified with two other people, who were also been brutally stabbed.

On Wednesday, 31-years old Kenneth Umezie of Camberwell was charged with the murder and was ordered by the Bromley Magistrate Court to appear on time before the court.

In this murder act, two teenagers of 18-years and 19-years along with 16-years old boy got arrested as the guilt of the incident. However, later after investigation all the three of them were released.

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 8, 2018

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