MPs Warning Policing is At Risk of Becoming “irrelevant” - TNBC UK

According to the report of the Home Affairs Committee, the forces should be increased in England and Wales as the recent numbers of stuff are failing to confront the rising crime and “struggling to cope”.It also charged the Home Office as a “complete failure of leadership”. The Home Office ensured that they are engaged as the police get the needed resource.

Though the report also stated the warning about the  “dire consequences ” for the safety of public without extra funding and pleaded to police to be expedited in the Autumn Budget of the government.

In the three years, the recorded crimes reach a high level nearly third time as the summons has failed 26% and the number of arrests is also reduced, as per the report of the inquiry of 18 months.

The report also condemned the Home Office for not to maintain the leadership in the endorsement with the latest technology and taking suitable steps against the changed crime patterns.

Yvette Cooper, the Labour MP who leads the committee said the officers were “performing a remarkable public service in increasingly difficult circumstances ” but were “badly overstretched” and also fighting to take effective steps against the growing challenges such as online child abuse and fraud case.

The committee discovered that only little ratio of online fraud cases are ever inspected and the forces are “ woefully under-resourced ” for the large proportion of online sexually child abusing case investigations they must take proceedings.

The representative said, “ the home secretary has already been clear that he will prioritize funding for the police”.


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