The disabled peoples have sharing accounts of the online exploit they face after MPs supported a petition by model Katie Price calling for new laws. More than 220,000 individuals signed in the petition of reality TV star Ms Price for making abuse a criminal offence. Actress Samantha Renke, who has been suffering in fragile bone disease, told she accepted social media messages calling her “ vile” and saying “ real human walk on two legs”.

She told the media, “It’s most certainly affected my mental health ”. Ms Price who was known as Jordan – collected sign in a petition after raising awareness of the systematically search her son Harvey who has disorders, received.

Now MPs on the Petitions Committee want to provide disabled people safeguarding under hate crime laws.

The politicians told self-restriction of social media “has failed disabled people” and internet giants must also “accept responsibility” over abuse ”. Labour MP Helen Jones who leads the committee, told, “Harvey’s experience is not unique ”. He added, “Social media is rife with horrendous, degrading and dehumanising comments about people with disabilities.T he law on online abuse is not fit for purpose and it is truly shameful that disabled people have been forced off social media while their abusers face no consequences”.

Ms Renke, who is also a campaigner of disability told the renowned news channel “When I did a well-known commercial I had this influx of abuse online mostly on platforms such as Twitter ”.

She added, “It came as a real shock to me as I never experienced that in real life. And all of a sudden I was being targeted not because people didn’t like my personality but specifically because of my disability. They are saying ‘oh my goodness what is that. She is vile. She makes me feel sick. Real humans walk on two legs’. They’re the kind of more milder ones. I do honestly believe this comes from a fear of not knowing what disability means. In the UK we still feel very awkward around disability”.

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