MP Anna Soubry has pinched police for not interfering after her verbal abuse outside the parliament. The conservative ex-minister was blamed “ of being a Nazi” while being cross-examined on the reputed news channel. She called for the protesters for going through the legal proceedings under the public order laws.

According to the police they were evaluating if any crimes had been committed while Commons Speaker John Bercow said he was concerned about a “pattern” of women MPs and journalists being aimed.

Highlighting the issue in the House of Commons, Labour’s Mary Creagh said the “really vile, misogynistic thuggery” that had been seen was not a secluded incident.

She blamed far-right groups of re-exhibiting the clip of Monday and others like it on social media sites to “ raise revenue for their trolling activities”.

The pro-European MP for Broxtowe, Ms. Soubry who assists another Brexit poll, was targeted to abusive voice while being crossed-questioned by the representative of the news media. Opponents standing just a few distances from the enclosure of the parliament charged her of being a liar and then shouted: “ Anna Soubry is a Nazi”.

She was later yelled at and pushed as she tried to make a re-entry to the Palace of Westminster.

Responding with a specific reaction during the live interview, she told McCoy she “ objected to being called a Nazi” including that such language was “ astonishing – and this is what has happened to our country”.

She professed about her decision of being silence not to intimidated but it was wrong that MPs along with others are performing better their join such a public space should ” have to accept this as part of the democratic process”.

After the incident, she told the news media that police required to “do their job” and would contact them about the matter.

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