In the last year, British Transport Police documented around 2,472 sexual misconducting cases up to 16% and 11,711 brutal crimes up to 26%. The ratio also executes a big escalation in the matter of cable theft and fire attacks.

The agency of End Violence Against Women Coalition commented that most cases of sexual misconduct are partially rising due to #MeToo movement.

Additionally, there are also so many initiatives to motivate the reporting in the past few years.

The social campaign # MeToo has inspired the women internationally to pronounce the incident of abusing and any kind of sexual harassment happened with them.

Entirely, in 2017-1, BTP recorded 159 crimes in Scotland, England and Wales along with a 17% rise.

The criminal offences linked with weapons like knives increased up to 46% to 206, and the looting rose up to 53% to 553 according to the recorded crimes.

Paul Crowther, the Chief Constable of BTP said, “ The chances of becoming a victim of crime on the rail network remains low.”

“ However, after a long period of steady decreases, both crimes per million passenger journeys and notifiable offences have increased.”

The co-director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, Rachel Krys said, “ There has been a huge increase in the number of women reporting sexual violence in the last year, partly as a consequence of #MeToo and because we have seen initiatives to encourage reporting over the last few years. ”

“If we are going to encourage women to report sexual violence, we also need to make sure they can have confidence their report will be taken seriously, and that everything will be done to ensure their report result in action. ”

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