A huge massive solid waste which is 210ft long has been discovered preventing a sewer in a seashore town. The solid “monster” made of fat, wet sponges and greases, was discovered nearby the sea in Sidmouth, Devon. South West Water said there was the largest fatberg which would take around eight weeks for removal.

The director of enterprises wastewater said he was grateful it was unveiled “in good time” with “no risk” to the quality of sea bathing waters.

Andrew Rountree claimed the discovery executed fatbergs were not only discovered in the biggest cities of UK, “ but right here in our coastal towns”.

It is longer than the hight of the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is longer than a Boeing 747SP and more than twice as long as a tennis court.

SWW claimed the chances of the loos supporting of the people, as an outcome, were “very unlikely” because of the fatberg, discovered in a large sewer nearby the seafront, was far from homes. The Wildlife photographer of 47 years old discovered 561 wet wipes on the River Orwell near Ipswich.

He has been recording his discoveries since last March. He said: “ I had been taking a series of sunrise photos on consecutive days and each time I had to remove rubbish. I once found 600 wet wipes. It made me set up @ukrubbishwalks to raise awareness of the problem.”

Mr. Alexander has also found cotton buds, pregnancy test kits, and tampon applicators. He wants to examine homes fitted with waste pipe filters so that occupants see first hand what is occurring while they flush material like wet wipes.

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