An action group has been assigned with reserving the jobs of Michelin workers in Dundee for meeting the first time. Along with 800 employees, the tyre manufacturer declared that it would shut down its factory in the city. The leaders, businessmen, politicians, representative of trade unions are making the task force.

Economy secretary of Scotland Derek Mackay told BBC that according to him Michelin has a future still in Dundee. The workers of Michelin were told that the plant would shut down in mid-2020. The French firm said the Dundee, the specialized firm in smaller tyres had gone through the adversity as it shifted the market towards low priced products from Asia. The news spread across the Dundee like shockwaves where the firm is planned to be worth more than £40m of the local economy.

The local public has been buying tyres since the early 1970s from its Baldovie factory and recently it is the largest industrial employer in the city. Mr Mackay said that the new task force would “explore all options” for the plant.

He said to the Good Morning Scotland radio programme, “We are open to a range of ideas at this point in time.” Mr Mackay stated that while he discussed with the executives of Michelin and they were not willing to reconsider the decision of shutdown of Dundee, hence he said that they were still “interested in what was going on in Scotland”.

He added,  “I think it is possible that Michelin still has a future in Dundee, and that’s what we have to convince them of.”

According to the economy secretary, “I think there is a willingness to hear us out, and they’ve said they have never had a government so constructive and positive in these circumstances”.

“So I see that as a window of opportunity, I see that as a positive, to do everything that we can to explore every possible avenue to try to retain as many jobs at Dundee as we can.”

The task force will be led by Chief Executive of Scottish Enterprise Steve Dunlop and Council leader of Dundee City John Alexander.

Scotland Secretary David Mundell, Mr Mackay, director of Michelin’s Dundee site will also be involved.

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