A Londonderry widow, Maire Ewing said that she felt like thieves, who has stolen six rings in a burglary at her place. The thieves have taken all the rings and the one, which was left by her late husband.

Mrs. Ewing’s husband Roy died in July.   

A wedding band of her, engagement, eternity rings along with cash were stolen during a break-in at her home in Wasterside city on November 23.

A ring with lots of memories, which holds the birthstones of her children- including that of her young daughter, who died 47-years ago, was also stolen from her place.

She continued that “She was only 13 days old when she died and I have no memories of her, I have no photograph of her.”

“Now I have nothing left of her because they took it – it is heartbreaking,” added Mrs. Ewing.

“Whole house was wrecked”

She further said that the rings, brought to her by her late husband “are all I have left of him too.”

Mrs. Ewing also said, “I just wish they would leave them on the doorstep or on the street so that someone could pick them up and give them back to me.”

She was at work when her daughter informed her about the burglary that took place at her home.

Mrs. Ewing continued that she has found that the “back door was busted open” when she returned home from work.

“When I went upstairs the whole house was wrecked,” she added.

Police have appealed for anyone, who can provide information about the whereabouts of the incident to come forward to help.

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