Vicar of Stockport Church Had Molested Girl Saying Sex Was “What God Wanted” - TNBC UK

The Church of England tribunal heard about Simon Marsh of 59 years old who had an inept relationship with a teenage girl said that if the girl refuses to meet his sexual demands she would disobey him along with God. The infelicitous relationship with the girl was started at the Stockport Church, while she was 15.

The penal came to know that at the point, he had told the girl that the sex was, “what God wanted”. In 2015, he was assured that he would not have to confront any kind of accusations of raping.

The tribunal got the testimony from the girl whose name can not be disclosed for some legal reason. The testimony disclosed in detail about the actions of Mr Marsh who was the vicar of All Angels Church and St Michael in Bramhall between 2010 to 2014.

She stated that the vicar had the involvement in her christening in 2009 and later they met while his wife who has died, was not present and he had to bring gifts for her including perfume and an iPad.

The panel came to know that on the occasion, the vicar informed the girl that it was her “duty” to be involved in sexual activities as he was infuriated while she spilt coffee in his lap.

In the following year, before her 18th birthday, he convinced her to have sex with him referring that, it would “unite their souls”.

The girl also disclosed that later, during a trip of Chester, while someone had addressed Mr Marsh as her father mistakenly, the vicar got angry. She stated that in the residence of the vicar, he tied with the upright panel of the bed and had sex forcefully with her disobeying her protest and painful yelling, saying her that it was “what God wanted”.

According to the panel, his refusal of “sexual illegality” had been not accepted and professed to his opinion as “deeply unsatisfactory” witness and clearly declared that all the accusations against him had been proved.

Consequently, he was thrown from his post and banned to serve any kind of ministerial duty in the functions for life. The Right Reverend Peter Forster Bishop of Chester emphasized in a statement that it was really an “inexcusable tale” of maltreating of the power and social trust.


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