Manchester Man in Egypt ‘spying’ Arrest - TNBC UK

According to his family, a 19-year-old British expert has been convicted in Egypt on doubting of spying. 19 years old Muhammad Abul-Kasem initially from Manchester, was captured in the country on 21st November. A relative told the BBC  he was convicted upon his arrival from Libya after authorities discovered a photograph of a military aircraft on his mobile phone.

The Foreign Office confirmed a British man has been captured in the Egyptian port of Alexandria. The family of Mr Abul Kasem told BBC Asian Network, the photograph had been captured through an aeroplane window as it came to land at Alexandria airport.

They said now confronts payments of spying, although no details have been confirmed by the Egyptian authorities.

According to the family, Mr Abul-Kasem had been living in Libya for the past two years, and his father is from. His mother has formed Pakistan. The Foreign Office said it was searching more information. A representative said, “Our staff are providing assistance to his family ”.

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