On Wednesday, a London jury has accused a man of attempting to murder after he tried to knock down cyclists and police with his car outside the British Parliament in an attack that prosecutors said had a terrorist motive. 

Jurors at the Old Bailey has agreed with prosecutors that 30-year-old Salih Khater had made an “a deliberate attempt to kill and maim as many people as possible” when he has driven the vehicle at his targets in Westminster, August 2018.

Although the Sudanese-born UK National has failed to hit anyone and concluded crashing the vehicle into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament, his devastating action left many cyclists needing medical aid. 

The counter-terrorism division at CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) that prosecuted Mr. Khater, claims it was reasonable to assume he had a terrorist motive for August 14’s attack. 

In the note, he had chosen “an iconic site of national importance which had been subjected to terrorist attacks in the recent past.”

From the CPS, Jenny Hopkins said that “whatever his motives, this was not an accident. “It was a deliberate attempt to kill and maim as many people as possible.”

The court heard Salih Khater, who was born in Sudan and offered asylum in the UK in 2010, driven around Westminster last night, before slept in his car for over hours. 

During the trial, he emerged as a resident of Birmingham, who had unsuccessfully applied for a fast-track passport of the United Kingdom the previous day ahead of driving straight to London.  

An accident probe had analyzed the CCTV footage of the incident found Mr. Khater had intentionally maneuvered his vehicle in the moments leading up to the attack “with a high level of concentration”, reports the CPS.

Hopkins further said, “His driving was so precise and determined that it was difficult for skilled accident investigators to repeat the maneuver he carried out.”

She continued that it was “only quick reactions and good luck that stopped Salih Khater killing anyone.”

Salih Khater will be sentenced at a later date and could face life imprisonment. 

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