Man Accused Of Stabbing Police Dog Booked Under New Law - TNBC UK

On Monday, a man accused of stabbing a police dog in its head has been jailed under the new legislation, which aimed to protect service animals.

29-year-old Daniel O’Sullivan has admitted the cause of unwanted suffering to Audi as his controller tried to make detention in Hanley on July 1. 

From the Litherland area of Liverpool, O’Sullivan has further admitted that five counts of harassing police officers and possessing offensive weapons.

At Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court, the accused was detained under police custody for around 21-months.

It was stabbed twice by O’Sullivan, who was spotted wielding a knife in one hand and a glass bottle in other during the attack in Town Road, said Staffordshire Police. 

O’Sullivan has further kicked an officer in the head and threw a glass bottle at him before being hostile to the hospital staff when he was lifted for medical aid, said the force. 

Det Inspector Stephen Ward said that “O’Sullivan was out to seriously hurt PD Audi and it was lucky that he wasn’t blinded or killed as a result of his injuries.”

Audi has then returned to work with Staffordshire Police and has “recovered well”, added the force. 

Its controller PC Karl Mander claims that in July, Audi has “lots of rest and TLC”, adding that there didn’t seem to be any lasting damage to it.

O’Sullivan was the first man to be charged under the 2019 Animal Welfare (Service Animal) Act, since Finn’s Law was unveiled, said the police. 

Ahead of passing the act, attack on police dog was considered as criminal damage.

O’Sullivan was also accused of one count of affray, which he has completely rejected. 

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