LONDON- In an interview with the local reporters, John McEnroe, well known for his on-court outbursts, announced that now he would be in his element at next month’s Wimbledon tennis tournament, where every fist-pump of elation and cry of angst would be analyzed by artificial intelligence to compile video highlights.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club with his technology partner IBM said, “the Watson AI platform had been taught to recognize players’ emotions, which it would combine with an analysis of crowd noise, players’ movements and match data”.

IBM’s Sam Seddon said, “the company was using machine learning to trying to find those seconds when players had a heightened sense of emotion after an exciting shot or rally”. He also added in an interview, “If you’ve got the visual element from the player, and you know that it’s a tight pressure point in the match, then those are the points that you are going to really target in on in the highlights package”. He also added that the AI platform would also be analyzed noise from the thousands of spectators, who attend the annual tournament in south-west London.

Wimbledon was an early adopter of AI, Seddon said and had widened its uses since it was first deployed in 2015.

he also explained in the interview that IBM’s Watson AI technology would generally power a Wimbledon Chabot service, which would also be being delivered within Facebook Messenger, allowing their fans to easily access to tailored information on scores, news, and players.

“We are listening for the volume of the crowd – if you have got a fantastic rally that noise levels will go up and down during that point”. He also added, “When that is happening, we flag it as particularly interesting.”

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