Within a Week Five Died in Street Attack in London, Severely Stabbed Man Fighting For Life - TNBC UK

Within a week of the death of five people by the knife attack in the streets of the capital of UK, pursued two more stabbing in the daylight in London.

According to the police reports, the stabbing incident has been happened in West London, at Shepherd’s Bush on Willow Vale. A man who was discovered with a severe stab injury was admitted to hospital in a crucial condition. After few hours of this incident, a man severely wounded by stabbing had been discovered at Leabank in Hackney and he was taken to hospital with the aid of Air Ambulance in a critical condition. The most recent incident of violence happens while a 16 year had been killed in front of his parents on the evening of Monday, at Tulse Hill in South London. According to his friends, the boy was very polite and “bubbly”.

Paulina Wedderburn the witness of this violent incident informed that before the arrival of the emergency team the parents of the victims were at the accident scene.

Mrs Wedderburn said, “The boy was laying down. He looked like an angel like he was sleeping. I just feel sorry for the mum. The mum’s screams, I can’t get out of my head.”It’s awful. Imagine being a mother seeing that”.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan stated Sky News that according to the research the crime rush is  “a jump for a generation”.

London Mayor said, “Why do they say that? Because there are deep societal problems that lead to young people getting involved in crime. I’m not excusing criminality but it means tackling the causes of violent crime. That means looking at adverse childhood experiences, looking at their families, are the children experiencing domestic abuse, [or] children who may have mental health challenges.”

The relevant survey of journal BMJ discloses a vital fact that between 4 pm to 6 pm the youngsters were more impotent and this reason involves young victims in the close destination of school or home. The survey also stated that generally young adults are stabbed after midnight.


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