Forecasters have warned against a thunderstorm along with the threat of lightning, heavy rainfall followed by flooding across southeast England.

Temperature is rising day-by-day and looking forward to another sunny and hot weekend. However, Met Office reports of thundery rainfalls this Friday afternoon. Between 2 PM till midnight, an alert for yellow weather is issued for the southeast region. They further communicate of minimum chance that shops and homes could get easily flooded and ends with damage from excessive floodwater. They also alert delays in public transport as well as unsafe driving condition. Chances of slightly power cut can also take place, added Met Office.

On Thursday, they reported, much of the country to remain dry and expected downpour to reach Scotland by Friday afternoon and continue heavy rainfall in Eastern England. Till night the heavy rain and lightning will move towards the south direction, into Midlands, Wales, and England.

However, within the beginning of school holidays, the temperature is expected to reach a high of 30C.

Dean Hall, a meteorologist in Met Office, reported that this cold temperature will not continue as long as the heat will get a rise within this weekend and cause extreme sunny weather. However, with the increase in humidity and heat, there will always remain chances of thunderstorms.

Mr. Hall reports that most of England will stay dry with the hottest temperature could even reach 31C as well. He continued that this weekend, it will be full of dry and beautiful weather, with an expectation of minimum cloud in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Other than this, the countrymen throughout will experience sunny, hot day.

Met Office also says about this year, breaking down past hot records and temperature to remain always above average. The heat will be unusually dry this year, with 47mm rainfall in the UK so far. Hence, the start of the year is utmost driest as per as modern records, evaluating till 1961.

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