An old woman of 42 years was walking assisted by her pet dog in the road. Suddenly from the back, she was attacked by two hooded men.

One of the men grabbed her arm and took out her costly watch from her wrist. Meanwhile, the other men targeted her engagement ring and tried taking it out from her finger. She got badly injured from such a terrifying attack.

The police released the CCTV footage, which shows that the two hooded men fleeing from the crime scene on foot. The terrifying crime took place in Clapham, South-west London around 5:00 PM on July 10. Now, Policemen are desperate in finding those two suspects.

Both the robbers were described as 25-30 years aged, black males and about 6-ft tall. Both of them were wrapped in black or dark clothing with hoods up.

Sam Smith, Detective Constable from CID Lambeth said that this act was really terrifying for the victim and also for the pet dog. Their safety was actually in danger by those hooded men. The victim was targetted in broad daylight and even badly attacked when the victim was ready to hand over her belongings to them.

Smith further said that the responsibility of searching those two men is their responsibility. The criminals once found should be punished accordingly, said Smith. Also asked common public for help identifying those two hooded men found in CCTV and contact in emergency purpose directly to the CID team.

The CID team also requested for any witness, who till yet did not report the police force. Any kind of information irrespective of big helpful or not should inform the police force so that it can help them in searching those two criminals to give them justice.

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