Latest UK weather forecast: London to escape hosepipe but expecting a return of 30C heat - TNBC UK

Houses in London, for the time being, will get away a ban in hosepipe as heat wave this weekend was forecasted to become hotter again, said Thames Water.
In northwest by forthcoming month, more than seven million people will be prohibited to protect essential supplies due at a low level of the reservoir, reported United utility supplier.
Thames Water’s efficiency manager, Andrew Tucker also disclosed that his company were not planning to follow this method, but asked London households to use supplies carefully. Tucker continues that they have ramped up their efforts to save water as to fulfill the requirements during the heat wave. He further said that this is the main reason behind their request to customers to use water carefully and only as much necessary. Therefore, in order to defeat the water crisis, it is important to save water.
Tucker also exclaimed that water is mandatory for survival and with an increase in population rate it is impacting in climate changes and also creating pressure on water supplies.
United Utilities that covers Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside reports the ban will start from August 5. By the end of June, in Northern Ireland hosepipe forbidden was introduced.
London was forecasted with patches of rain today as well as tomorrow, but the return of 30C heat is also expected at the weekend. As per as the report of Met Office, the temperature of Thursday and Friday in London will be between 26C and 27C with suspecting clouds.
This weekend in Barcelona and Ibiza, the temperature was forecasted to be 28C and 29C respectively.

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